Guitar Lessons

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Guitar Lessons

Our guitar instructors teach rock, blues, metal, country, christian and classical styles on both electric and acoustic guitars. Beginners work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory. Each lesson will challenge you with a new technique or music theory, and ends with something fun – such as your favorite riff or song. We employ a variety of guitar method books based on student needs and preferences, and encourage students to bring smartphones or tablets to their lessons to learn their favorite tunes. Now offering online guitar lessons.

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What’s the #1 reason to study guitar at Rockside?

Our guitar instructors are warm, friendly, and get to know each student and parent on a personal level. We work with each student individually. Therefore, teachers are able to craft a lesson plan that accomplishes the student’s unique goals. In short, wether you are a fifty year old returning to the guitar, or a seven year old taking their your lesson; we will set goals to achieve your musical aspirations.

What will I learn from guitar lessons at Rockside?

Beginner guitar students can expect to work on chords, simple songs, sight reading, and theory. Our instructors balance musicianship and fun, therefore making sure each lesson presents a new technical challenge or theory concept. Furthermore, every lesson ends with something fun, such as your favorite riff or song. In short, we use a variety of guitar method books, and encourage students to share their favorite tunes with their teachers.

Do I need to purchase a guitar to learn the instrument?

Rockside offers acoustic and electric guitars for student lessons but to practice at home, you will need a guitar. If you can’t find a guitar at your local shop, click here for some good options.

Can I take guitar lessons online?

Yes. Rockside Music offers online lessons on all of our instruments. All of our teachers are fully trained and available to teach online through the Zoom app. We will be happy to send you more information if requested.

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